Monday, October 12, 2009

"Uncle" Monkey

My cousin Jennifer and baby Ariana came over again today. The boys love holding her and seeing her. Monkey was holding Ariana and he was talking to her. "Hi, Ariana. Are you tired? Are you going to take a nap? After lunch time Uncle Monkey is going to take a nap. You can call me Uncle Monkey if you want."

I thought that was too cute. He thought of that all on his own. :)

What would he technically be? Jennifer's my cousin... so what relationship is my son to my cousins daughter?

*Obviously he used his real name not our code name of Monkey, in case that confused you in this scenario. :)

1 comment:

Your Mother said...

I say he would be Jennifer's 2nd cousin. You and Jennifer are 1st cousins so your kids would be 2nd cousins to her, 3rd cousins to her kids, Not that I'm an expert but that's what I always thought.

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