Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pressure washing

The fence is up, and since we bought it from someone where it had already been out in the weather without any treatment it looks a little rough. It really doesn't look bad when it's dry, it's when it's rains that it really darkens more than normal and you can see the wear and tear.

So, we borrowed a pressure washer from our good friends, the Kellar's. :) I started washing it today, and oh Boy! It is going to take a long time. First of all, I ran out of gas 2 times already and I've only done about 1/4 of it. Plus it's so dirty that I think I may have to do two sessions, once I get the whole thing done, do it again. However I am thinking about doing the first run now and seeing how that looks, and then maybe doing it again in the Spring.

Well, like I said I'm only 1/4 of the way done and my fingers hurt from having to hold the trigger down the whole time. :P Hopefully it's nice again tomorrow so I can do more. I'll have to do it during nap time though because it makes a muddy mess and I don't want the boys out there with me getting all muddy.

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Your Mother said...

Need to post some pictures so we can see the fence up.

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