Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lesson Learned (for today)

I had to put (for today) just incase, because tomorrow could be a different story.

Lately when the boys fight about something, which the fight is usually about toys... we tell them that the fighting is really hurting our ears and the have to take it to their bedroom and come out when they're done, and have it figured out. They don't get to have any toys, and they don't like sitting in there first because they're mad at each other over whatever toy it is, plus they are extra mad at each other because they have to sit in the room for a couple minutes. So after a few times of doing this I noticed some changes in Monkey... if Bear started crying over something that happened, Monkey was a little more "sympathetic" like.... Sorry Bear, Sorry, Sorry, Bear, I said Sorry! He's trying to get him to stop crying before we come over there and make them both sit in the room for a couple minutes. Then yesterday, they were digging through the toys, and "unexpectedly" wanted the same toy. That would be sarcastic because they always want the same toy!!! Anyway, Bear was starting to fuss about it and Monkey at first didn't want to give up the toy, but after Bear started getting louder he knew we would make them both sit in the room until they were able to deal with it the right way, so Monkey gave it to him and said, Here Bear just have it because I don't want to have to sit in the room.

Always nice to see a plan come together in the end. :)
We'll see how long that works.

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