Thursday, October 8, 2009


OK- so I think that I need to eat my words... After I was willing to share the wonderful comments about my boys, terror has struck this afternoon! I will never boast again! :)

I just sat on the floor with a screaming, crying, whinning, attitude ridden little boy....who wouldn't give in to the choice he made! We sat there for 50 minutes! Yes I said 50 minutes and boy does my butt hurt from him sitting on my lap the whole time, on the hard wood kitchen floor. He made the choice and I said he couldn't go back to nap time, or eat or drink or anything else until he followed through with the pre-stated consequence to his actions. (Actually he kept saying he wanted to go back to nap and I said, you sure can as soon as you finish.) So I said I was willing to hold him and sit on the floor until Daddy came home, or supper, or bed time or whenever he decided was the right time.... apparently 50 minutes later was the right time. He followed through with his chosen consequence and went back to nap. Oh Boy! I really thought I was going to have to sit there longer. Didn't know what I was going to do, or how I was going to get the other one up from nap if I had to sit there until Daddy came home.

Here's a snip-it of our conversation...
Monkey-I don't want to! (Cry Cry)
Mom- Isn't that Sad.
Monkey-I just don't want to and I'm not going to! (Cry, Whine, Cry, Sob)
Mom- Isn't that Sad.
Monkey-I want to go back to nap. (sniffle, cry, sob, sniffle)
Mom- You sure may, as soon as you are done.
Monkey-I'm not going to, never ever. (whine, cry)
Mom- Isn't that sad.
Monkey-I know what you're going to say, stop saying it. (whine) I just want to go back to nap. (cry, whine, cry, sniffle)
Mom- You sure may, as soon as you are done.
Monkey- I'm not going to. I don't like it, I don't want to.(cry, whine, cry, sniffle)
Mom- Isn't that sad.

and so on and so on.... it kinda gets funny after you say the same thing over and over.... but don't laugh... doesn't mix well with the bad attitude! :)

Anyway.... if you read this say a little prayer for me.

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Your Mother said...

Pride goeth before a fall. heehee!! Actually, you guys are doing a great job in raising the boys. You could have been sitting there much longer. Times like that will be less and less. Keep up the good work!!

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