Thursday, October 15, 2009


The boys earn tokens to be able to watch TV... well they can also turn 4 tokens in for a dollar. So Monkey decided to do that. They had TV taken away for a week, so He's just been dying to watch TV so we reminded him of the alternative, that he could still turn them in for $1, instead of using them to watch a movie.... so he decided to do that today. Then right away he says, "Let's go to Target". Apparently he's going to need a big lesson on how to handle money! He wants to spend it before he can even think about putting it in his piggy bank. So we went to the dollar store instead of target because there would be more choices there for what they can get for $1. We looked at everything before deciding what we wanted to get.  Bear got to come with to spend a dollar as well.  Monkey picked his prize but after seeing some of the other things he said, "Mom can we go home and get my other dollar and come back to the store."
Oh Boy! This could turn bad.

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Your Mother said...

Oh the joys of learning how to spend money.

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