Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sitting Still

Ok so 4 compliments in a row....I hope this does not go to their heads! :)

Yesterday we went to Culver's and met with my friend Katie. Well if you know Katie and you know me... we like to talk. So the boys did pretty well sitting there. I know their little quarks so I may not think they are being as good as the passer-by does. But anyway. We ate lunch and then sat there for quite a while talking. Well apparently the manager at Culver's thought that they were perfect angels or something. She comes out and says, "you boys are sitting so nicely and patiently, I've been watching you" Then she asks me if she can give them some custard. She let them choose from vanilla or chocolate and even let them choose something to put on the top.  Monkey chose sprinkles and Bear chose M&M's. Wow was that ever nice! Plus when we were leaving Culver's another employee walks out behind us and says, "I just want to say that you have the nicest boys! They sat so nicely and quietly."

Well today, we went to an appointment. We were waiting in some chairs until it was our turn and the chairs we were sitting in were right by this ladies office and she could see us. We were sitting there for a few minutes and the lady looks out, and says "I can't believe how good you boys are sitting there for mom!"
Then when it was our turn we went in to the meeting and the boys played with toys while the adults talked. There was a kitchen set in there and they were actually playing together nicely. When it was time to leave the lady told them how nicely they played with each other.

I must say I'm feeling a little proud of these boys the more I write! :)
One more recent event.... we were on vacation and went out to eat at Perkins. There were 2 older couples sitting across the way from us and when it was time to go they came over to our table to tell us how they thought our children were the best behaved and quiet kids they've seen at a restaurant for a long time. :)

Well, thank you one and all. We definitely work hard on the manners and controlling your actions and words. It is a huge praise to receive these compliments. I am proud of them. Let's pray they keep it up!

Anyway, it is kinda funny how these random people feel the need to come up and tell us this, It's nice of them, But every time, Monkey says.... "Mom do you know that person?" Makes the whole stranger thing confusing! Oh well! :)

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Your Mother said...

They are well behaved boys. It's a lot of work but hearing compliments is a great reward. The older couples are right you don't see well behaved kids very often.

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