Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harvest Fest

Today we went to the Harvest Fest at a church in town. It was pretty big. Lots of people there. Much more than I expected. I'll post a few pictures of the games and such for you to see all the fun we had. And we got some candy for playing the games. Then we went to Pizza Ranch for supper. The boys' favorite! :)

They got to decorate their own cookie. They had chocolate frosting, and sprinkles, and little marshmallows, gummy bears, m&m's and candy corn. They put it all on there. Yummmm.... to them. Yuck to me! :)

They had 3 chances to pick the grand prize winning duck. Neither of them picked right, but no matter what you got a piece of candy for playing.

Bowling. We will definitely have to do this for real this winter.

Ring Toss.  Monkey got 2 on there. And the prize was a 2 liter of pop. Yeah, just what a kid needs. It may have been more cost efficient and practical for them to give away a can of pop?!?!

Plinko! No way! Best game ever!!! I think I might figure out how to make this and make one for our house! That would be fun times!

And a bounce house! Great for getting out some energy.

It was pretty fun. I was amazed at the number of people there. What a great ministry and an awesome way to make people in the community aware of the church.


Your Mother said...

Sounds like you all had a fun time. I agree with you on the cookie, yuck, too much stuff on it. We have a plunk-o game we use for our AWANA fun fair at church. It doesn't look as big as the one they had there but the kids always love it.

Louis O'Tool said...

Do you have a Dust Buster?

TJ and Stephanie said...

To be perfectly honest with you, we do not have a dust buster. I'm almost ashamed to say it.


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