Monday, October 19, 2009

helpful brother

I have kicked my toes on the bathroom stool way too many times. So I told Bear that if he doesn't put it back after washing his hands, I'm going to put it in my room for the day and he has to figure out another way to reach the sink. Well, I was hoping this would affect Monkey too because he forgets as well. Yesterday it worked because Monkey felt bad for Bear that he couldn't reach to sink so he would lift him up while he washed his hands or brushed his teeth.  Monkey said he was sick of lifting him up. So I said that he should also remember to put the stool back, and help his brother remember.

Well right away this morning they forgot to put the stool back so it's in my room again for the day. I guess we'll try again tomorrow.

Bear was going to the bathroom and I said, Bear how are you going to wash your hands.  Bear said, I'm going to put the stool back next time. I said, well that is a great idea, but how are you going to wash your hands right now? He reached and reached... and pouted. I can't reach the soap. Me: Oh isn't that sad. I sure hope you figure something out.

Monkey had such pity on his brother even though he really did not want to have to partake in this lifting up Bear every time he needs to wash his hands, he reluctantly went in there and said, *sigh, Bear I'll lift you up this time.

I guess we'll see how many more days before they start remembering to put the stool back after they use it. :)

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Your Mother said...

Enjoy reading your stories. Keep it up!

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