Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pray for Dana and Lyle

Tuesday Lyle was in a car accident. The whole front of the car was sliced off, and the rest of it was pinning him in place. They got him out and sent him by ambulance to the hospital in town here. I went over with Dana for a little bit on Tuesday to see how he was. His left foot is completely broken, will need screws to put the bones back together, surgery for that should be sometime next week. After that he'll have to have a cast on it for 3 months. His right foot is not broken but severely sprained and will also need to be put in a cast to help it heal and not become a broken bone. He will probably only have that cast for a couple weeks or until it's healed enough for him to put pressure on it. For now he can't walk anyway also because of his back. They found some chips in his spine and are waiting for the specialist in Rochester to get back to them about what all needs to be done about that, or how long for healing. He will be bed ridden for quite a while, and even once he can sit up, he will still need to be in a wheel chair since both of his feet are out of commission. Good thing their bedroom is on the main floor of the house. :)

Then last night I called Dana to see if they found anything else out and she said she had just left the hospital. She stopped off to get gas on her way home and now her car won't start! Her Father-in-law was coming over to see if it was a quick fix, or to help jump it. That didn't work so she called back at 10:30pm, and asked if she could use my car. So we are without a car for today. We're praying that nothing major is wrong with her car and that it can get fixed soon. And of course for Lyle while he is bed ridden... he is going to go stir crazy! He is not a sit around kind of guy! And for the pain that he is in. It's going to be a long road to recovery.

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Your Mother said...

Oh my word! What an ordeal! I'll continue praying for them. Keep us updated.

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