Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun times today.... make that all week.

Monday we had our weekly meeting with Jennifer and baby Ariana. The boys love seeing her. So that was fun. Plus it was nice out so later that afternoon we got to play outside in the privacy of our fenced in backyard! That was great!

Tuesday we had MOPS in the morning and that was a good time. The boys learned about Baby Moses. I'm so glad that MOPS is a Christian organization and they teach the boys just like a Sunday school class and the ladies there talk about how God is working in their lives. Great stuff! Then last night I went to the Church Ladies meeting while daddy stayed home with the boys. It was a great encouraging time! There are lots of new young couples in our church so that is totally encouraging and fun to hang out with them.

Today we met some new friends!! Monkey and Bear had never met them before. An acquaintance of mine that I decided to spend more time with. Today was play date #1 of hopefully many! :) The kids played well together and us adults had good conversation as well. :) Her kids are a little bit smaller so that is nice for Monkey because he likes to feel like he's in charge so be the oldest among the kids he plays well. I think he feels like he has the power being the oldest child there. Tonight a friend is going to come over and learn how to scrapbook!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!! I really hope she likes it, because it would be great to have another friend who wants to scrapbook with me! Love it~

Tomorrow we are having another impromptu play date. 3 of us are singing in a Trio for Special music on Sunday, so the 3 of us and our children are going to storm the wonderful piano players house! And mix in the play date along with really just getting together to practice before Sunday! ;) Then we are having company over Thursday night, Lord willing no one gets sick! So we'll see, but I sure hope we can because we've been trying to get together with this couple forever and they are always not able to do it. :)

Friday we are getting our pictures taken! The boys are anyway! I can't wait. It is called antiquities. The MOPS group is putting it on. It's only $10 and you get a free 10x13 picture. Then if you want any others you have to buy them. I saw some examples and they are adorable. They have old time clothes the kids get to put on and the picture is sepia toned with a splash of color. I'm totally excited to see what the pics look like. I've needed to get the boys pictures done a little more professionally anyway, so this is perfect. Then in the evening Nicole and I are scrapbooking until the night is young!

TJ's haveing a weekend with the boys.... as Nicole and I will be scrapbooking all Saturday too! I'm getting further and further behind in my scrapbooking every day, as I take more and more pictures every day! Huh. The boys are dying to have their own scrapbooks to look at anyway. I did make them an ABC scrapbook with pictures of themselves... but I need to start their own books from when they came and everything that's happened since then!


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Your Mother said...

Sounds like fun times!!

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