Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wow! This is getting good.

I am now at 26 Consecutive Days of Work Without Breaking Glass! This is absolutely amazing. I might be holding an all-time Viracon record. Our Consecutive Years of Marriage Without Breaking Dishes also still stands at 5!

My sister-in-law was so impressed with our blog(who isn't), that she started one of her own. 7shoes It's amazing.

I wish I had 13 toes.



Louis O'Tool said...

You know what we don't have enough of these days? Trap Doors. Wouldn't you love to have a house with trap doors? When you're a kid, every fort has a trap door, trust me on this one, I was a master fort builder. Also Booby Traps. Like when you dig a hole and put water in the bottom. You really can't lose that way. Did the Swiss Family Robinson lose? NO! And they had plenty of trap doors and Booby Traps.

I think I am going to list that on my house when I sell it. Not the booby traps, because then obviously the criminals would be able to penetrate past my defenses, but the trap doors? That would move some property, know what I'm saying. Like, I could put one in from my bedroom to the basement, and also one from the kitchen to the back-yard, in case you need to make a quick getaway.

If you think about it, a laundry shoot is a trap door of sorts, only for dirty clothes. We had one when I was a kid, and I'm telling you, it was awesome. When we would play hide-and-seek, we could put the little bros in it and no one would ever find them. Of course, since we all knew the good hiding spots, we could only plan when someone new came over. It has now become a tradition that when one of the brothers gets a new girlfriend, and we're all there for the holidays, we play hide and seek upstairs and the new girlfriend is "it".

The first time my wife was "it", my brother Joe was hiding under some duffel bags, and I pulled his pants down but he couldn't pull them back up because if he moved he would come un-hid. When Amber saw the white backside, she thought obviously it must be me, because no one else would have been hiding like that, so she went up and squeezed (we were already married by this time).

This same game we hid one of my other brothers on a bed. We pulled back the covers, removed the pillows, and he laid where the pillows go, and then we pulled the covers back over him. She eventually suspected he was there, and grabbed him and said "I got you". Unfortunately, she thought he was one of the smaller brothers, and she misjudged where she grabbed him. Instead of grabbing him in the abdominal area, as she intended, she instead found his "lower" abdominal area. That got his attention real quick.

So now none of you can play if you ever come to our house, because you know some of the good spots.

RCW said...

By the sound of it I don't think I would want to play your game anyway. Sounds like your wife is kinda brutal!!

Louis O'Tool said...

She is. I learned not to hide from her myself. That's why I need trap doors in my house, because if she catches, its curtains.

RCW said...

What would you do with 13 toes? That's just that many more that you have to wash in between. That many more toe nails to trim.... wait you don't trim yours anyway!!

I want to know what Louis means by a "booby" trap. Good thing most of us are married that read this blog!!

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