Wednesday, August 29, 2007

summers almost gone

Summer's almost gone, but I don't mind. I'm ready for some nice, cool weather. Today is perfect. Mid-Seventies with a little breeze and sunshine. Hopefully it will be like this all weekend. It's our annual camping weekend with Stephanie's family(and my parents) at the campground in Owatonna. The last 2 years we've gotten rained on. And not just a quick shower or an overnight sprinkle, but downpours. 2 years ago we were under a flash-flood warning. Last year our tent got wet and we ended up sleeping at our house. According to the forecast so far for this year, it's supposed to be very nice - lower to mid-Eighties and sunny.

I'm excited to go swimming...this fall. The first weekend in October, Stephanie and I along with Will and Melissa are going to the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. That's the place we went on vacation in June. Even though the outdoor waterparks will be closed there are still 3 indoor waterparks, including a huge wave pool. I just saw that the Wilderness Resort was rated the #1 waterpark in the United States! Maybe we'll ride the ducks too.



Will Mitchell said...

That makes me excited! woohoo. oh boy i better request the time off. gotta go!

Melissa said...

I'm excited as well!! By the way TJ and Steph, you have to check out this video on you tube. Chelsea sent me the link. I thought you would enjoy it since you like flea markets. I hope it works!!! If not let me know

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