Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here's what I've been waiting for


On October 23rd the Gaither Vocal Band and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound release the cd/DVD "Together". The studio cd features both quartets singing together. I'm listening to the clips right now online. It has 15 songs on it! The DVD is the recording my parents and Stephanie and I went too in Louisville, KY. It's going to be a good one. There's 24 songs on the DVD! Check out the song clips and more info.

It's still raining here. And it's supposed to rain some more this evening and tomorrow.

I'm going to Iowa this weekend to sing in Amy Niehoff's wedding. I think we're singing "Coming Down", one of our all-time favorite quartet numbers... and a great wedding song.

I better go. I'm going in to work overtime at work at 2pm. I normally go at 6pm. We'll see how it goes.

I gotta go potty.



Melissa said...

Sweet! Can't wait for that CD to come out. Did you guys get in the video or anything? I saw some pics of Rochester Minnesota online, it doesn't look good b/c of the floods. How's your grass doing?

Louis O'Tool said...

I have some wonderful memories of that microtel in Owatonna. We would stay at that hotel when playing PBBC. I still have a pair of shorts with a hole in the lower rear end, which I melted by lighting methane gas on fire. Actually, someone else did the lighting, but it was my methane they used. It actually burned all the hair off that person's hand as well. Probably the best one I've ever had.

They also have some creepy mirrors in the rooms at that hotel, so you feel like one of the bad guys on Law & Order and someone is on the other side watching you. They do have these sweet little benches by the windows that also function as beds for freshmen when upperclassmen don't want to share a bed.

I would always stay in a room with Jake Rosekopf, Matt Lapine, & Jason Blunk. First thing I would do as soon as we got into our room is grab Jason, and stuff him into that little crack between the bed and the bathroom wall that all hotels have. Then Matt, Jake & I would pile the pillows on top of him and jump until he started wimpering. Funny thing is, in three years, none of us ever got tired of it, including Jason.

I would always sleep with Matt, and he would always try to spoon with me. I woke up one night in South Dakota and his head was on my pillow and he was drooling. He got a severe beatdown for that.

One time, I was sharing with Reuben Rosekopf (when we were sophomores before Jake & Matt got there). It was really late and Josh Daggett was sleeping on the floor and getting mad at us for keeping him up. So it was quiet for awhile, and Reubs sits up in bed and stretches. I move my hand over to where he had been laying, and he lays back down on it. I assumed he would notice and get upset, but he didn't notice it for awhile, so I just left it there. About 3 minutes later, I start wiggling my fingers a little bit. I don't know for certain, but I imagine it is a bit shocking to feel something wiggling under you as you are about to doze off. He pretty much freaked out and I was forced to sleep on the floor the rest of the night.

TJ and Stephanie said...

Our grass is starting to get kinda long, but it's too wet to mow. There's a lot of weeds.

A Pakistany couple bought the Microtel a year ago a totally revamped everything. I haven't had the opportunity to visit it though.

TJ and Stephanie said...

The couple who owns the Microtel... their names are Bhushan and Mena Vora. I've worked with them at OfficeMax a few times. They are a nice couple.

Melissa said...

Sounds like our yard!! :)

Louis O'Tool said...

How does a nice Pakistani couple sound like your yard? Do you have a Pakistani garden out back? Are you growing Pakistani's? I'm totally confused.

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