Monday, August 20, 2007

Drought's over

I think the drought we were in is over. Last I heard, we had about 7 inches of rain in 2 days. I haven't seen the sun since Friday. Saturday night was the big night for rain. In southern Owatonna a bunch of roads and homes were flooded. The Microtel Hotel right across from Viracon and Target was flooded again. It was flooded right about this time last year too. They built some kind of drainage ditch next to it to help the flooding. That seemed to work well. HA! A bunch of cars were flooded in the Viracon parking lot. Thankfully, I wasn't there. There were at least 6 deaths in SE Minnesota because of the flooding. Our county and a few others are in a "State of Emergency", which means.... umm, I don't know. Here's pics from the flooding. It's supposed to rain the rest of the week.

Also, I found the Deep-Fried Coca-Cola. It was $5 so I didn't try it, but I did ask them how they made it. They use the Coca-Cola syrup without the carbonation, then they add their secret ingredients and deep-fry it. It looks kinda like a funnel cake.


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Louis O'Tool said...

Nice Abdul from Somalia post. TJ, you need to make sure he updates us on a regular basis now. I think he's going to become a legend on this blog.

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