Friday, August 17, 2007

Little House On The Prairie

So with my $25 gift card I won at the fair to Fleet Farm I got Season 8 of Little House On The Prairie. I'm watching the first episode right now. Woohoo!



Abdul From Somalia said...

Three days ago, I was at my workplace where we handle large pieces of glass. Many of my co-workers often break glass, but not me. I have been keeping track for many, many moons, and my tally is growing quite large. In fact, it has been 287 moons since any glass has been broken by me. Although I recently had a close call. Let me explain.

My benevolent supervisors had made me partners with another employee, an Americano whom we shall call "Timothy John". He has only gone like 29 days without breaking any glass, so the boss-man though it would be good for someone such as me, Abdul from Somalia, to teach young Timothy how to work without breaking the glass.

As we were working, another employee lost control of a motor-cart, and it began to careen towards us. Young Timothy quickly panicked and ran for his life, leaving me holding a large piece of glass directly in the path of the onrushing motor-cart. Fortunately, using my cunning obtained from many moons of handling glass without breaking it, I was able to prevent the glass from shattering, cracking, or otherwise receiving a permanent blemish. I am just thankful there were no women or children in the direct path of danger, as I would have had to choose between releasing my strong hold on the glass, or saving the life of an innocent person. It would have been much more difficult given the large puddle of urine on the floor. I don't know how it got there, but Timothy soon excused himself to go change Cevlar uniforms.

Respectfully Submitted,
Abdul from Somalia

Melissa said...

Wow, Abdul. Thank you so much for not letting the glass break. TJ would have been devasted. He owes you big time.

Will Mitchell said...

I just want to say that I am impressed with your english you must have worked very hard to become so fluent.

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