Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I just saw something on the news about a lady who fell while carrying a pencil. It apparently went straight into her head. THE WHOLE THING! apparently going in through the eye socket. That's what it looked like when they showed the X-ray. Yikes! Be careful with those pens and pencils, if you walk around carrying them. They said she was finally able to have it removed from her head/brain after so many years of it being in there. How Crazy! Just thought you might find that tid-bit of info interesting. Check out the link: Pencil in the head.

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Louis O'Tool said...

I love Canadians. They're kind of like little brothers. They are fun to have around, sometimes you can talk them into doing things like peeing on the electric fence. They say funny things, for instance, we took my 9 year old brother Peter, who Meredith started calling Uncle Peepee, to Colorado with us this past week. He wanted me to feel his muscles, so he flexed for me. I asked him if he was working out, and he said "no, but it looks like our mom is working out because she has big muscles on her arms, only instead of being on top (biceps) it hangs down on the bottom and jiggles sometimes."

I'm not making this up. Another thing we would do when we were younger is talk my little brothers into having a cow-pie fight (like a snowball fight with cow manure) only we would convince them to let me and Tony be on the same team, so we just wasted them. If you were lucky, you found the ones that were crusty on the outside, but soft in the middle, so they would stay together until they actually hit the target. My team won.

So that's why I like Canadians. I like having them around, they're kind of fun and whatnot, but when it really comes down to it, you know we can always kick their butts if we need to. In fact, I read on Wikipedia that we were actually fomulating a plan to invade Canada back in the 30's.



Please contact your congressperson and let them know you think an invasion of Canada is a good idea.

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