Friday, April 8, 2011

Human Body Drawing

For science we've been talking about the human body.  So we drew our body and colored our skin. :)

I have a roll of paper from was only $4 or something cheap like that.  We were able to still fit them on one sheet.  If they get any bigger we will just have to tape 2 pieces together.  Or even if they want to spread out their arms and legs instead of this pose.

Monkey drew really softly so it's kinda hard to see as well, but Bear and I colored his a little darker so it's a little easier to see.  And he started scribbling in blue before I could tell him that we were going to just color our body a skin color.  So then he was sad....yes he's still 4 and still in that scribble stage.   He's slowly getting better at that though.

Monkey decided that he thought underneath his fingernails it looked red, so he colored his fingers red....I said it looks more like he's wearing nail polish. :)  haha


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