Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sensory Balloons

We got the idea for Sensory balloons here.

I didn't quite have enough of the same color balloons to do 5 blue and 5 green.  So instead I did 5 blue and the other set one of each color.

I filled them with, popcorn, kosher salt, flour, rice and split pea dry beans.  The kids have enjoyed playing with them so far.   There are 2 of each balloon filling, so you can match them.   They also like to try and juggle with them and they have added them to some of their other toy sets.  Like they were playing with their farm stuff and pretending the balloons were bags of corn the farmer was stacking up!

Love their imaginations.

Enjoy some of your own sensory balloons.  Fast and easy and fun.


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