Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yay and Nay v3

This weekend we got to have a little get-a-way while my mom watched the boys.YAY!

We had a great time at the Homeschool Conference.

We (well maybe I should say I) didn't get in the evening game time like I thought we would.

We got some great new Homeschool materials that I am super pumped about!

My mom and the boys got locked out of our house(Saturday night) and had to go to my sisters for the night without a change of clothes, etc.
big time nay!

TJ and I had an awesome hotel and room with a jacuzzi.

I fell down the stairs at the hotel and twisted my ankle not good when you have a lot of walking to do.

On a brighter note it could have been worse and atleast it didn't swell up.
YAY! :) lol

We ate at an awesome place called the Duluth Grill, and 2 times had the banana cream pie!  Super delicious.

We were welcomed home by 2 very excited boys!
YAY! :)

Overall we had a great time together.


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