Monday, March 14, 2011

Solar System Lapbook

While working on learning about the universe, stars, planets, etc.  
We made up our own solar system lapbook.
Download my files.....

I made a vocabulary word match.  The word/definition match is Planet, Gravity, Cluster, Day, Year, Solar System, Galaxy, Orbit.
The definitions are in the file as a foldover card.  The word you print and laminate and then I made it so it can be matched by velcro.  This way we can do it again and again and be reminded of these word definitions.
I also made the planet names and laminated them.  We store them in the envelopes on the side but then put them in order from the sun.

In the file you will find these information cards, and a planet file.  Color the planets accordingly.  Cut them out.  Attach the planet to the information that it matches.  Put the name on the inside  and see if you can figure out which planet is which by it's shape and color.

Inside these planet minibooks you write the number it is from the sun, how long it takes for that planet to rotate(it's day), and how long it takes that planet to orbit the sun(it's year).

Then I used the orbit pattern I made, and made a transparent planet flip.  I taped planet shapes that I found online to a piece of cut up sheet protector.  So when you have them all flipped up, you can try to remember which one comes first and so on as you flip them down.

Enjoy your Solar System Lapbook! :)


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