Sunday, March 27, 2011

Randomness v29

Monkey- "Girls are cute and boys are awesome."
Me- How come girls can't be awesome too?
Monkey-They can be I guess, it's just that they say girls are cute and boys are awesome.
Me- Hmmm, Do you mean, boys are handsome?
Monkey- :)

Monkey- What kind of battery do you use in the house?
TJ- Where in the house?
Monkey- For the whole house.
TJ- Uh, the house runs on electricity, not a battery.

Bear- I wish I could go to the funeral
TJ- What are you talking about?  Do you even know what a funeral is?
Monkey- I do.  It's where they play lots of instruments.
(hahahaha....we happened to be going to the orchestra)

Bear-(after pushing his face against the window turns to another 3 year old and says)
"My nose is made of cartilage so that's why it didn't break off when I just did that."

3yr old foster kid to Monkey- Where are YOU sleeping tonight?
Monkey- Downstairs, right underneath you.
3yr old-(after getting up and looking under the bed says) "Where?!"
Monkey- No, downstairs!  Not under the bed! :)

While fostering twin 2 year olds for a few days.....they were putting everything in their mouth.  They were playing by the frig and putting some of the magnets in their mouth.  So TJ goes over there to move the magnets up higher.  Some of the magnets are small little circles.  He thought one of them grabbed one of those small ones to put in their mouth.  His reaction.... "NO, NO, Spit it out! Let me see! AHHH, STEPHANIE!"
I walk over there and help scope it out.  He didn't even have anything in his mouth. :)
Me-"TJ lesson number 1....Don't panic like that."


1 comment:

Beth said...

I have to say I think I laughed at each one of those. The last one about TJ freaking out made me laugh the hardest though! :)

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