Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Craft Time-Sky&Stars

We are talking about the stars and the planets.  So we made a painting craft today where we painted the sky, and painted stars and cut them out and glued them on to the sky.

First we used a roll of paper.  Cut to whatever size you want.  Then we painted that blue.  And I used Acrylic paints, and put it on a plate and watered it down.

We drew stars, and painted them yellow with the same water method.

Then to speed up the drying process we used my blow dryer and fanned the sky blue part so we didn't have to wait so long to put the stars on.  But we also hung them over the chair to continue drying.

Cut out the stars and glue them on.  I let them make as many as they wanted.  I thought they would have made more since we are talking about how many stars there are but they didn't want to make that many apparently. :)

Here's their creations!


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