Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kitchen Tips v15- Bulk Cheese

I slightly talked about this before in my buying in bulk post.

But just to show you...here's the cheese I get from Sam's.  And granted I haven't looked at every store in the world.  But, I can't seem to find this kind of mozz that is made with whole milk instead of skim milk anywhere else.  It has a better flavor than the regular mozz cheese from the store.

Then since it's a pain to have this big of a bag of cheese in the freezer. I divide it out.  I also get these ziploc baggies at Sam's too and they end up being a great deal.
If you don't have a food scale you can just measure using cups or however else you want to divide it up.

Then you have these nice individually packaged cheese bags in your freezer and they were only $1 per bag!  Awesome!

You can never have too much cheese on hand.  Well unless you are allergic to dairy, but we are not....So WE can never have too much cheese on hand!  Yummy cheese! :)


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