Friday, March 11, 2011

Randomness v28

Monkey-some people get lake fevers
TJ- what does that mean?
Monkey-Some people get fevers from the lake
TJ-Do you mean they sick from the lake/water like sea sickness?
Monkey- Yes

( you have to speak "Monkey" language lots of times to understand him)

Bear- Is it good for you to live on a hill?
Me- Why would it be bad for you?
Bear- because your stuff would always fall over.

First of all, TJ and I reply to things a lot of the time with some of these says....
"True that!" or
"True that brotha!" or
"Say whaaaaat?!?!" or
"Whatchu talking about willis?"

So the other day Monkey responded to us...."True that, Brother Willis!"

Bear- "I like my forehead."

Bear- I'm the king of the universe.
Monkey- Really?!  I think Jesus is.

Monkey- I couldn't even hear anything because my eyes were shut so tight.

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