Monday, April 21, 2014

Randomness v47

1.  Bear (during play time)- "Then, the fortune said that the giant was a peacock"
 (not sure what they were playing, but their conversation is interesting sometimes)

2.  Bear- "I saw a piece of chicken almost as big as my face, but bigger"

3. Girl- "Grandpa told me that last night."
Daddy- "He did?  You talked to grandpa?"
Girl- "No"

4.  Me- Let's learn this little rhyme.
Secrets, Secrets are no fun
Secrets, Secrets hurt someone

Bear-  Secrets, Secrets are no fun
Secrets, Secrets hurt one son.

5. Bear- looking at the Christmas presents under the tree.... "To mom, from Stephanie, What?!?  How can that be possible?"

6. Girl- "No prob-len-tay"

7. Monkey- "If the (foster) baby wrestled a chipmunk who do you think would win?"

8. Monkey- "It's like Bear has leprosy on his fingernails because they just fall off."

9.  Bear- "They should call it eleventeen and twelveteen.  Hey, eleventeen actually sounds good!"

10.  7 yr old girl- "I remember Chick-Fil-A!  It was the best pizza I ever had."


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