Thursday, April 18, 2013

Homeschool finally named.

Well a million years later I decided to name our school.  Finally found something I like with a great meaning.

Coram Deo is latin for, 'before the face of God'.  I found this in the bible study I just finished, "Lies Women Believe".  Great study by the way....  She mentioned what it means to live your life Coram Deo....
Coram Deo
'Living all of life, 
in the presence of God, 
under the authority of God, 
and to the glory of God.

This is a good part of why I want to homeschool my children.  So I can enstill this kind of lifestyle into my children.  So I think this is a good fit for our school name.

So here you have it, I am officially employed by God at Coram Deo Academy in Owatonna, MN. :)



aboveallshadows said...

That is really cool. I love it!

Theresa said...

Awesome name for your school! Thanks for sharing how you came to decide on it.

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