Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Randomness v39

Gotta admit....it's  been WAY too nice out to blog.

BUT!  I thought it was time for some randomness from the Wright household.

1. Bear-Can it get so hot, that something freezes?

2. Monkey-The funnest place in history?!?.......GRANDMA's.

3. Bear-What's a spongee cord?

4.  Conversation......
Me-Did Lazarus have siblings?
Bear-Yes, he had 2 sisters.
Me-Very good....what were their names?
Bear- I don't remember.
Me-(hinting) Mary and.....
Monkey-(interrupting the conversation) Joseph!...   Oh wait.

5. Monkey-Holy Cow!  This is so awesome!  What is it anyway?

6. Will-Addy, you can't go peeking through peoples drawers.

7. TJ- That burp tasted like cake batter.  They don't usually taste good, but I wish I could burp again.

8.TJ- It must be cold in here, because everytime I try to use my phone it freezes.

9.Bear-I think it's so cold that some of it melted.

(for the life of me, I don't know why my children are so confused with the hot/cold thing....they are frequently saying things wrong like that.)


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