Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paper Windows

The pilgrims didn't have glass so they had to do something to let some light in, but yet keep the bugs out.

We took a piece of paper, and rubbed some oil on both sides.  Then we held up a regular piece of paper verses this oiled piece to see which one let more light through.  We also sprayed water on them both to see which one withheld the water better.  Now you have an idea what the pilgrims windows were like.

 Towel for easier cleanup, oil of some kind and a regular piece of paper.

We really only needed one piece of paper to prove the point here, but I let them both have the whole messy enjoyment experience. :)

After rubbing the oil over the whole paper and both sides.  We held up the oiled piece of paper and a regular piece of paper to the window.  Now which one lets in more light?

And then we spritzed water on them both to see which one held up to the water(rain) better.

Not really a project you keep, yet a simple project for all to enjoy getting messy in!


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