Monday, September 5, 2011

Randomness v36

TJ to me- Maybe we should call the lady from fast wireless and.....(Monkey butting in) give us her donkey?  (there was no waiting, he finished before TJ could get the real words out.  This was totally random and hilarious! :)

Bear- Mom, for short can we call the hill, crooked?

Bear- Horses don't eat corndogs.  They only eat stuff they can eat.

Someone asked Monkey if he wanted to play outside or play monopoly.
Monkey- I want to stay in here and play Minneapolis.

While at family camp, I called my mom to see where she was.  It was kinda mumbly so I thought she said she was by a tree.  Real descriptive I thought, but when I asked again it was actually by archery!

Will- If I didn't have this headache I'd feel pretty good.

Lady at the gift shop- Do you have any quarters?
Bear- No I just have the floppy ones.
Lady- What?
Me- He means a dollar. :)


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