Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Easy Cookbook

Put all your recipes in one spot, quick and easy.  

Now here's how! :)

This was a gift idea from my sister when I got married.  Now I try to give one to everyone for their bridal showers, if I'm invited that is. :)

It's just a standard 4x6 photo album really.  Plus it has a slot in the middle for text....but in the cookbook you use it for labels.  See below picture.

 Labels go in the middle to section your recipes.

 Slip in your own 3x5 cards, and those given by others.  Now instead of having to go through 5 different cook books, you find your favorites and this is the main book you use for your meal planning.

New recipe that you liked?  Write it down, add it to this new cookbook.  This is your new right hand.  

And if you are a step above, check out the scrapbook style cookbook that I moved into after this one!


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