Sunday, June 26, 2011

Randomness v32

Monkey- Mom, do you have a sweet tooth?
Me- Yes I do.
Monkey- Oh, can you show me which one?!

Bear is holding 4 Caterpillars in his hand.  He looks down and sees yellow stuff on his hand.
Bear- "Oh no!  One is getting dead."
Me-Why did you squish it?
Bear- No.
Me- Oh, they are just peeing all over you.  Yuck!

Monkey is holding 11 Caterpillars in his hand.
Me- Watch out.  Don't let them climb up your arm or they will get lost and crawl all over your body.
Monkey- Ewww

Later they put them all in the bucket, but there is only 10 now.
Monkey- We lost one!  There are only 10 now.
Me- I bet its crawling around in your pants.
Monkey- Ah!
And he runs into the house to pull his pants down to check!  hahahaha

My mom came to visit and said she forgot to feed her fish in her pond before she came over.
Monkey later to my mom said, "Too bad you forgot to water your fish grandma."

One of the twin 2 year olds was crying and Monkey walks up to him, and in a little sweet high pitched voice he said, "You're going to cry yourself a lake".

One of the twin 2 year olds was in his car hand in the air and one hand on his chest.
Bear says, Look Mom, he's praising Jesus with one hand and saying the pledge with the other.

To which Monkey replies- "Yeah, he's like, 'I pledge allegiance to the american idol....?!? What?!?  Did I just say American Idol?!" (insert loud laughter here) lol



aboveallshadows said...

I totally laughed at all of these! The best one (worst one??) was the one with Anthony and the Missing Caterpillar! Ahahahaha! -Reagan

alicia stokes said...

love the you're going to cry a lake! so funny.

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