Saturday, June 4, 2011

Want to Share your favorite recipes?

I've invited my sisters to start sharing their favorite recipes on this blog, and I'd like to invite you too! 

You can share your families favorite recipes with everyone!

Email me the info, including a picture of the meal....I will edit and blog it!


1. This MUST be a meal you made/helped make and ate yourself.  
(preferably NOT a meal made entirely from a box)
2. You must send me a picture of the food, preferably the whole dish, and a pretty plate picture.  (more pictures,  if it seems complicated and you want to show the steps, will be accepted but are not required.)
3.  You must send the directions along with your tidbits of what you changed, liked, didn't like, or what you would change if you made it again.  Helpful hints for those who want to make the meal.

Email your recipe to  

And take delight in sharing your favorites with the online world!


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