Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photos Photos Everywhere!

I have a problem....I have too many pictures on my computer.  Like....I have over 26,000 pictures on my computer.  I'm pretty much out of hard drive space.  Ok, not pretty much....I am!

So what now?  How trustworthy is a back up hard drive?  I mean in theory it seems like it should be the same, but I have this OCD problem, and I don't trust it.  What's the best way to save them, yet not be paranoid, and still easily see them when I want to, and not be paranoid, and did I mention not be paranoid?! :)

I'm obviously going to take more pictures but where am I going to put them now that my computer is out of space?


Can you solve my problem, or at least give me peace of mind about my back up hard drive?



Kelly said...

I use an external hard drive and then also make CDs, plus for now they're almost all on my hard drive as well. I don't think I really need all 3 though. There are online companies you can pay to have store all your info, maybe that would be something to look is one site. I'd be curious if you find out a better option as I have too many photos too!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the not wanting to lose all my photos concern. We purchased a backup hard drive last year when our computer almost didn't make it. Before that I was saving to the computer and CDs (which I then stored in our fire safe), but now the files are so big for photos that I just didn't have space for the fire safe CDs anymore. I contemplated a jump drive, but the backup is soooo nice. We just leave it hooked up to our computer at all times and I save important things to the computer and the hard drive. I also upload our favorite photos to Snapfish for printing, so in the case of a fire we would have those pictures. I hope you can trust in the backup hard drive like we have learned to. :)


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