Monday, June 6, 2011

Randomness v31

Me- Should we do the sprinkler inside or outside?
TJ- (sarcastically) Uh, I think we should try outside this time. :)
Me- ooops I mean front yard or back yard.

I'm in my closet picking out clothes....the 3 yr old comes downstairs stands by my room door and says, My shoe came off!  I said, ok well take the other one off too!  He can hear me but not see me so his response is...."WHERE IS YOU?!"

Some of the sweetest words ever....from my 3 year old foster boy while putting him to bed..."I like you.  I like it here."
(Awwww....Melt my heart)

The nightly question routine...You wake my up?  Will you throw my onto the bed?  Can you open the door? Will you turn the song on?  You wake my up?  Where my tag?  My want more kissies!  Is that yight on?  You wake my up?!  My final response before leaving the room....The closet door is open, the music is playing, the night light is on, MWAH, and Yes I will wake you up in the morning.  Good night! :)

Me- Uh, why is Mr. Potato Head's ear in the dishwasher?!


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