Friday, June 17, 2011

Grilled Pizza

So how exactly do you make pizza on the grill?  Well, let the mystery be told! :)

My sister told me she did this, so she happened to come over and stay for the evening so we did it together!  This is totally wonderful!  YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! :)

First make your own homemade dough.....really easy just mix it together!  Click here to see the recipe for mine.  Plus I added some Italian seasoning to the dough to give a little extra flavor.  yummy.

1 dough makes a regular size pizza.  We found it easier to use 1 dough to make 2 smaller pizza instead.  Here's the dough made and ready to go outside.  We had 11 people here so we made 6 pizzas. :)

Do all your prep work first and then bring it outside.  Here's the extra ingredients we were going to use...
Pepperoni, cheese, bacon, chicken, ranch, pizza sauce, green pepper, black olives, hot peppers.  All prepped and ready to go outside.  I put a little card table next to the grill so I could set this stuff out there and have it handy.

Bring out a pan, pizza cutter, olive oil and a grill flipper. :)

Next use the pan to roll out the dough, making sure it doesn't stick.  If it does coat the pan with lots of flour first.  Spread Olive oil on the side that will go on the grill.

Flip it from the pan to the grill or slowly place it on the grill with your hands.   Now put some Olive oil on the top of the crust so you can flip the crust over after 3-4 minutes of browning the bottom of the crust.


As soon as you flip, start putting your ingredients on the top grilled side.

 When the cheese is slightly melted it should be done!  Slide it back onto the pan so you can cut it and enjoy!

It is really amazing how this is the exact same pizza crust mix I always make my pizza with but it tasted so much better when it was cooked over a real fire on the grill compared to in the oven!  Yummy!

We made pepperoni pizza, chicken bacon ranch pizza, pepperoni and black olive pizza, and another chicken, bacon, ranch as the sauce, with hot peppers, green pepper and black olives.



Gampa and Gamma said...

That sounds good. We'll have to try that on our infrared grill. Thanks for posting.

Ruth said...

What kind of roller do you use to roll out your dough? I always used the old fashioned one, but the one you are using looks neat.o

Stephanie Wright said...

It is from pampered chef. :). Check it out. I love it!

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