Thursday, February 7, 2008


Just an update to let you know I didn't get the job at Federated. But to be honest, I'm perfectly fine with it. Seriously. I think I'm gonna start a facebook now.



RCW said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get the job TJ. We're still praying that you will get some kind of a day job. At least that way if you start singing somewhere someone would be able to say "Don't quite your day job!"

Kenny Rogers said...

Hi I'm Kenny Rogers. I quit my day job a long time ago. They are over rated. Me and Keith like to eat fudge sicles all day long. Thats my day job. It' don't pay much but it sure is nice. One time I fought a giant catfish in Choctawhatchee River down in Alamaba. It had my arm in it's mouth all the way up to my sholder. I just grabbed on to one of it's kidney's and squeezed and it died right there in my arms. I pulled my arm out still holding on tho that kidney and I mounted it on my wall above my toilet (the Kidney not the fish). In 1986 I was voted the favorite singer of all time by PM magazine. To this day I don't know what PM magazine is. I think it might be Post Menopausal Magazine. So, for all you 50 year old women out there I thank you.
I wish it was still 1986

Kenny Ray Rogers

P.S. Keith is a miniature shetland pony. I'm bigger than he is. He still lets me go or rides.

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