Friday, February 8, 2008

The one and only....

I just realized I have yet to blog about this person. This guy is absolutely amazing. Besides the fact that he can play 48 pianos at once, he has great hair. Oh yes, I'm talking about the one and only, Paul Todd. This guy is hilarious. He's got his own cable show on the Angel Network satellite station. He can play the piano. But then, he thinks he needs to sing along with it. That's when it gets good. And then that hair. That's all I can say about it.

Here's a bit of his biography from his website...In 1999, Paul composed the song "The First Lady In My Life", which is fast becoming one of the most popular Mother/Son wedding dance songs in the nation.

Now I've heard my fare share of Mother/Son wedding dance songs in my lifetime, but this one has to be the best.

And now, don't get too excited, but you can spend 5 days with Paul Todd on a cruise. Now wouldn't that be fun.



Melissa said...

I think the next family vacation needs to be with Paul Todd on the cruise... that would be amazing!

Kenny Rogers said...

Hi I'm Kenny Rogers. I just bought every ticket for the Paul Todd Cruise. It is an investment program I thought up. Now I am selling them for twice what I paid for them. I'm gonna be a multi trizilionaire.
Don't you wish you had what I like to call the Kennyism. That is what it takes to be the best. Kenny G has it. I sold it to kim. His name use to be Harold G. Didn't work so well.

Kenny (love) Rogers Around Valentines day my middle name changes to Love

RCW said...

TJ I think you would look good with hair like Paul's. It might get in the way at work tho!!

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