Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So on Friday evening Stephanie and I went to a Valentine's banquet they had at church. They had these tiny containers that had M&M's and nuts in them at each place setting to snack on. Well after we ate and before the speaker they had a box of chocolates to give away. So pastor said, "Everyone look under your nut cups for the marked one." Well I'm dying. How is that not funny. And he said it like 3 times. "Check under your nut cups." Stephanie was laughing too. Well I get looking around and no one's laughing at it. Come on people, this is hilarious. We had 2 other younger couples at our table and they weren't even laughing. I even said, "Oh, I didn't know we were supposed to bring them?" Nothing. Nut cups...how is that not funny? It's times like those you wish you had your immature friends and family with you.



Will Mitchell said...

I would have laughed TJ That Is Hillarious.

RCW said...

I'm not sure how to take the whole "immature family" comment but you know I would have been rolling too!! You know the look we would have gotten from your mother too!! I'm sorry that I passed on to you a warped sense of humor.
HOW CAN THAT NOT BE FUNNY?!?!? is right!!!!!

Amy Kramer said...

I don't get it.... :)
Hopefully Pastor didn't look under his nut cup in front of everyone! Don't worry, your immature friends will be there next year, as long as SCC isn't in town! :)

Kenny Rogers said...

Hi I'm Kenny Rogers. I only have one nut. Had a little accident with a harpoon when I was out hunting dolphins. I did get a dolphin though, I made a pair of boots out of him. I like to wear my dolphin boots with my snow owl hat. Well, I gotta go, I have a one nut anonymous meeting.

Allaha ismarladik
(that means good buy in Turkish) I love turkey, especially cold with miracle whip

Kenny Rogers said...

Hi I'm Kenny Rogers.
Steven Curtis Chapman eats apple sauce.

Sarah said...

I thought that was stinkin funny TJ and I am by myself. Sad, but I can't stop laughing. I would have totally supported you on that one.

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