Wednesday, February 6, 2008

good morning

Hello to everyone in Iowa who are sitting at home because of all the snow. I see that everything is canceled. Have a good day.



RCW said...

I'm not sitting at home. I had to come to work. Van and Bonnie told me that I shouldn't drive but I didn't listen to them. I didn't have any trouble. Slow going but no problem.

Melissa said...

I wish I was at home! :) Nope, I'm at work as well. I guess that's the real world, no more snow days like in school.

Will Mitchell said...

I'm at work too. It is pretty obvious that none of our employers care about our safety or about what Van and Bonnie say. What a shame. :(

Kenny Rogers said...

Hi I'm Kenny Rogers. My beard and hair are like snow.
They are white and when I shake it white stuff comes out. I've got twin boys and I like to take pictures. You might have seen some of my books of Pictures.
I took one of myself in my bathrobe one time, but I don't like to talk about it. Me and Keith (my horse) were out in the woods the other day and we came upon this squirrel with a gimpy leg and it couldn't run very fast so me and Keith chased after it and I lassoed it and we ate it for lunch. Keith ate the tail, I told him it was the good part of the Squirrel.
Come visit me in Georgia sometime. I'll tell you all about the civil war and how the south should have won.



Mom said...

Hi! I finally figured out how to sign in. I'm taking baby steps forward in this world of technology. Someday maybe I'll be a phasebook or spacebook or whatever it's called.
I had to go to work today but it was at home. I had a hair appointment so did venture out a little ways today. Church is cancelled tonight so we get to sit around the house tonight.
Hey, it's good to hear from Kenny.

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