Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Did you hear about the girl who's feet were severed on a ride at Six Flags, in Kentucky?
Craziness! She rode the Power Tower (the one that takes you up high and then drops you really fast). Apparently on the way down, a wire snapped and hit her, cutting her feet off (above the ankles)! Yikes.
How does that happen?!?


Nic, Tim and Kids said...

Thanks, now I have a reason not to have to go on that ride and not feel like a big chicken.

Louis O'Tool said...

So then for those of you who read the last story about TJ losing his glasses at the bottom of Clear Lake, Washoe reminded me of another story that happened that week at camp. Jeremy and I were sitting in the mens staff dorm just kind of hanging out and whatnot, as two young men are wont to do, and TJ comes walking in from the dorm laundry area.

I must first preface what took place next by explaining a little something something about IRBC's outstanding communications system for those who have not been there ever, or at least in awhile, maybe since 1994 or so, because you need to know this. Jensen hall, which also serves as the dining hall, classrooms, a bookstore, nursery, fireplace, more classrooms, bathrooms, administrative offices, storage, and a cozy home for bats, and not the baseball kind, right. And so Jensen can kind of be considered the central nervous system for the camp, whereas the chapel of course would be the heart, the pool would be the bladder, the Family Youth dorms would probably be the elbow or bridge of the nose maybe, and the Ketchum cabins would be like the armpits. And whenever a campwide announcement needs to be made, the office in Jensen is responsible to make that announcement. So someone will take the microphone and depress the "talk" button, which allows their voice to be heard through speakers located strategically throughout the campground.

One of these speakers is located inside the men's staff quarters, however, since it must be heard throughout that building, and apparently on the frisbee golf course as well, it is like 230 decibels loud, which is pretty loud, since heavy traffic is generally like 110 decibels according to Wikipedia. So here are Jeremy and I sitting on our bunks just shooting the breeze while TJ is doing some laundry, and TJ comes walking into the men's dorm. Just as he steps under the speaker, the office manager says "------, you have a phone call in the camp office". But at 230 decibels, it pretty much about blew TJ's glasses off, he still had them at this point in the week. TJ dropped to the floor like someone shot him and covered his head and started wimpering. Then both Jeremy and I proceed to fall to the floor as well, because we were laughing so hard we couldn't hardly sit upright. I've never seen anything like that in my 26 years. Fascinating. So now, I'm thinking of mounting speakers in my ceiling with an intercom system throughout my house, only I'll only use one speaker but just make it loud enough to be heard throughout the whole house, that way, maybe someday if the timing is right, I can startle Amber or Meredith badly enough that they drop to the floor and start wimpering.

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