Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's Saturday

Today were just hanging out and relaxing. Stephanie has pretty much lost her voice. She's got a sore throat too. So we went to the grocery store and got some apple cider vinegar. It's supposed to fix whatever ails you. So I mixed 16oz. of water with, 3 Tbls. of apple cider vinegar, 3 Tbls. of lemon juice and 2 Tbls. of honey. She's only taken 2 sips so far. It's pretty gross. But it's supposed to help.

Yesterday I took my niece and nephew, Alexis and Elijah to the pool in Faribault. I thought it was going to be warm on Friday. Well, it was only 69 degrees. BRRRR! At least the water was warm. Of course that made it a lot worse when we would get out the pool. We had fun though.

Speaking of Faribault, Stephanie and I went to the newly expanded Super Walmart there on Thursday. It's huge! To me, it looked like the biggest one I've been in. Apparently they just had their grand opening. They had color guard marching up and down the aisles and one of the employees sang the National Anthem. Wow. The opening of a Wal-Mart is a major event. It's right up there with the Olympics.

{Retraction} I felt the need to post this. Stephanie stated on Thursday's blog that we were going to have Sweet & Sour Chicken. We did not. We had Papa Murphy's pizza instead. Please forgive us for lying. I hope nobody was offended by that.



Nic, Tim, and Kids said...

So I was on checking out the Thayer Blog site and I thought wow I have never checked out Steph and Tj's blog. I did not know what I was missing. Well you can count on me keeping updated, it's kind of like a soap opera:) only much better!!!
I really appreciated your confession TJ and I wanted to know that I forgive you. You had really better keep Stephanie in line what with putting out false information like that.
Keep it cool brother like man

Nic, Tim, and Kids said...

This note is actually from Josie,
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Please I want chips, oops never mind that last one, she was talking to me. Please will you come swim in my pool?
Well Josie has had enough of you, but Emily wants to say something. I like your toys,most of the time I play with the beanie babies. Bye-bye.
ok I never said it made sense it is just what they said.

Louis O'Tool said...

I will not forgive you. This blog has become a pimple on the face of internet integrity. If you are going to be untruthful about something so important as supper, I'm not sure I can believe you when you talk about something less important, such as swimming in the cold with your niece and nephew. For all I know, it was 70 degrees, not 69.

If your blog is going to be so unreliable, I'll have to just stick with Wikipedia as my source for factual and true information. Please don't allow this to happen again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you again.

RCW said...

Who is this louis o'tool person and why is he being so beligerant? I think he should think about becoming a missionary. It might help him to be a more caring person!

RCW said...

TJ.. I think the problem with the vinegar is you have the wrong mix. It should be 16oz of vineger to 2tbsp of water. Try that.. I bet she'll be better in know time!!

TJ and Stephanie said...

More like she will throw up in no time.

Louis O'Tool said...

Good morning, Bob.

RCW said...

Good morning Louis!! Isn't it nice that TJ and Stephanie have provided a way for us to say "HI" to each other.

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