Thursday, June 28, 2007

Story time

The stories being shared by someone has brought to light some stories from me. I'll share one today.

In my stint as baritone singer of the wildly popular group, Four His Glory, we had the opportunity to sing at many different venues. Some outside, some inside. I can think of the time we sang in Cambridge,IA to about 20 people during an outdoor concert in the afternoon, then went to Slater and sang in the evening for the city's Fourth of July Celebration. Or the time we sang the National Anthem to about 7,000 people at the Iowa Cubs baseball game. And our "farewell tour" where we did a concert on a Friday evening at Saylorville Baptist in Des Moines, then the next day opened for Higher Power in Ankeny in the evening and left at intermission so we could drive up to Decorah,IA (3 hours away) and do a concert on Sunday morning.

But I guess our most interesting concert would have to be in Mason City,IA at a United Methodist Church. This was the first(and last) time we sang at a Methodist church. The only reason we sang there was because the organ player used to be Jeremy and Brian's music teacher in high school. It was a rather large, older church. We sang a few songs for their morning services( 2 or 3 of them). Lucky for us they had us sit up front. Now when I say up front, I mean where the choir sits. Thankfully we were able to kind of sit behind the piano because we were having one of our funny moods. When that happens, everything is funny. And when you're in a United Methodist Church, everything gets funnier. And when you sit through a few services, you get bored and find things funny. Well, this happened to be communion Sunday. Growing up in a Regular Baptist Church you get used to doing communion one way. But they do things different there as we found out. Instead of little wafers, they use a loaf of bread and you break a piece off. So the deacons came up and passed the bread. When it came time for Jeremy to take a piece, I think he took half the loaf. He ripped a huge chunk off. Remember, we are up in the choir loft. We had a terrible time holding it together. Out of all the times that we sang "We Shall See Jesus", never but this time have I had a hard time holding it together during the song. And I don't mean because I was going to cry.


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