Monday, June 4, 2007


I've been sensing a mocking tone on the comments from the one person that is commenting. I won't say who that is cause I would like to protect him. So, in order to shake things up and make things a little more exciting, I've got big news! Now, it may be true and it may not be. You can decide for yourself!

Before I get to the big news, I just saw a new awesome product on tv. TaterMitts. They are gloves that peel potatoes. "Uh Oh! You've peeled away half that potato." It peels a potato in 8 seconds! Wow! With our busy lives that we all face these days it's great to see a product that helps make our busy lives so much easier and quicker.

Now, back to the big news. I will be recording a new rap album. If you haven't heard, I am now a rap artist. Yeaahh. My rap name is The Gift-aka-Save Yo Lost Souls. My first single, "If God's Not Witcha, The Devil's Gonna Getcha", is being released to radio right now. Hopefully, my new cd will be available in late summer. It will also feature the song "You're Gonna Get Left If You Don't Get Right". Keep your eyes and ears peeled...and your potatoes.



Brian "I eat danger for Breakfast" Niehoff said...

I don't know what your talking about "mocking tone"
I love this blog with every sense of my being. It is the highlight of my day.

That tater mit thing is awsome. I can't wait till they are on sale in South Africa.

I'm working on an invention that will easily peel a bannana.

RCW said...

The ladies here at work want to know if you will be giving out the Tatormitts at your first concert. If so they would like to get tickets

Washow said...

I don't think the blogger is mocking your bolg. I think it is great that he being all the way in South Africa takes the time to respond to your wonderful postings. Brian, I am still waiting for those sloppy joes. We have another fellowship coming up.

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