Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Good Day

Top of the afternoon to you. I have been freed from the prison of my house. I was sensing a lot of concern over me being stuck in my house for 2 months. Thank you all for that. But I was able to free myself by driving the car through the backyard and right onto the road. So thankfully I was able to go to work last night.

Today I am going to start counting how long I can go at work before I break a piece of glass. Now, I am going to start tonight cause I'm going in to work some overtime. I will only count the actual days I'm working and will also keep you informed on the severity of the breakage. Whether it's a small piece, a big one, or if I run into some glass on the forklift and have to pee in a cup, you will hear about it. I know all of you will be on the edge of your seat waiting to see when I screw up. I'm hoping to set a world record. Not sure what that is though. Maybe I can start a new record.

And now, an ode to the men's room.

And, for the Ladies.

I'll leave you with my thought of the day.
If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?



Louis O'Tool said...

TJ, I have a complaint about your blog. I feel the need to make a suggestion on how you can improve performance, and general overall reader enjoyment. You must start to use a disclaimer for any post or link that may actually cause one to laugh out loud. It would looks something like this "PROCEEDING POST IS A REAL HOOT". That way, for those of us who surf the internet during daily corporate compensation hours, we will know that we must view it when our cube-neighbors are at lunch, on the can, or otherwise indisposed. This concludes my complaint.

On a related note, when I read the Men's Room Monologue, I got some strange looks from at least three people here.

Brian "I eat danger for Breakfast" Niehoff said...

I don't really know whats going on. I was watching Walker Texas Ranger the other day and it was the one where they were undercover in a prison in Arkansas. the prison had an illegal cage fighting ring and the prisoners were the fighters. So Walker went undercover as one of these cage fighters. It was both entertaining and suspensful, cause there was this one fighter named "the Hammer" and he had killed three people in the cage already. So, Walker had to fight this guy in the final fight. I nearlly messed up my pants I was so scared for Walker to have to face the Hammer. Go Long T was able to get a call in to the backup police and they were going to try and get there before Walker had to fight the Hammer. Somome heard James "Jimmy" Trivette calling and they got him and held onto him and they kicked him around till he wasn't feeling to good. Click this link to see a picture of Go long T.

Any way as I was saying the backup was coming but I wasn't sure they were going to make it in time to save Walker. Click here for a picture of Washa
I don't know what happened cause I had to go count my socks and I missed the rest.

Click here for the Wlker Theme song

Brian "I eat danger for Breakfast" Niehoff said...

I don't get it

TJ and Stephanie said...

Wow! That was powerful. They have a couple Chuck Norris T-Shirts at Kohls. One of them says, "Chuck Norris can defeat a brick wall at Tennis." I don't get it, but yet, it's funny.

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