Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm back (part II)

We got back from vacation Thursday around 6pm. We had a blast. At least I did. I'm pretty sure everyone else did too though. We left Sunday morning for the big 3 hour trip to the Dells. We checked into the hotel and swam and swam and swam and swam. Then after that we went swimming. Let me put a plug in for the Wilderness Resort. It was awesome. There were 5 different waterparks at the hotel. Some indoors, some outdoors. Geared for both the kids and the adults. If you like your pools warm they have plenty of those. If you like em cold they had some of those. I highly recommend it. We did only 2 activities away from the resort(besides eating)- mini golf and the Wisconsin Ducks. If you ever go to the Dells, make sure you ride the ducks. It's a blast. And the tours guides are really funny. I think I found my calling in life- being a tour guide on the Wisconsin Ducks.

They even had a dry park with balls to shoot and throw around, an arcade and Lazer Tag. We played Lazer Tag twice. And according to the paper, I'm a Lazer Master. Wow.

18 of us went in three vehicles. We stayed in three rooms. 7 in one, 6 in another and 5 in one. For some reason our room became the party room. It's understandable though. Stephanie and I are so exciting. Or it may be because we bought or snacks in bulk at Sam's Club before we came. My brother-in-law Adam was the life of the party. He always wanted to be the life of the party. So we made him feel good. We ate at Danny's Diner, Uno's, Culver's, Pizza Pub and maybe some others I can't think of. Uno's is VERY good.

On the way back we even stopped at a cheese factory and got the best cheese curds I've ever had. I think I'll be backed up for awhile. Better go get some bran flakes.

I posted a bunch of pictures here Check em out.



Louis O'Tool said...

So I was watching TV this weekend while I was vacuuming the floor. Normally Amber likes to vacuum the floor, but I did it this week once because our dog, Hank, who we got from the animal rescue league a few years back, but like 21 years ago in Hank's years, anyway, he sheds quite a bit, so even though Amber had already vacuumed a couple times last week, I though I should vacuum again on Saturday to clean up Hank's hair that had gathered in clumps all over the place. I had to vacuum because Amber was out shopping at the neighborhood garage sales in Ankeny. Those are a big thing around here. And while I was vacuuming, lo and behold, there was a tv show trying to tell people to go to the wisconsin dells for vacation and so I'm thinking, wow, TJ and Stephanie must be awesome to go to a place they show on TV and so I started watching real closely to see if I could see them in the background but I couldn't. I think they were swimming in the warm pool at the time and that pool is only warm because all the people who pee in it and they don't tell you that stuff on TV. Plus, i think they were trying to get people who live in hot places to come to the wisconsin dells so it doesn't sound good to talk about warm water, much more refreshing to talk about cold water. Plus, since I was vacuuming I couldn't hear everything they said, so maybe they did talk about warm pools but I know for darned sure it wasn't one that TJ and Stephanie went to, because I was watching for them.

So then when I got done vacuuming, I was pretty hungry, but my house wasn't a party house then for me because we don't have a Sam's membership, and I'm thinking that maybe we should get one so I could have a party for myself at my house with some snacks that I could purchase before I actually got hungry because vacuuming can make me ravenous, you know. So I had to make myself a danged chicken quesedilla, which was quite good, but it was like a fajita quesadilla, because I sauteed some onions and peppers and put them in there as well, because I love Mexicans. And then, yesterday for father's day we went to a Mexican Buffet here in Ankeny, where I had Fajita's again, but I didn't put it in a tortilla, because its too much work, so I just ate the filling with my fork, which you can do when you have a buffet because you can eat as much as you want.

Louis O'Tool said...

If I had my own restaurant, I would name it Uno's as well, but since that's already taken, does anyone have any suggestions?

TJ and Stephanie said...

How about Dos's.

Louis O'Tool said...

Doesn't work. Plus, even though I love Mexicans, I don't speak Mexicanish, so I don't know what Dos means.

RCW said...

How about Loambers!!

RCW said...

It means.... we use charcoal to cook our Fajita's!!

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