Wednesday, June 20, 2007

what up,

It stinks going back to work after vacation. No, it just stinks going to work. Maybe it's cause it was one of the best vacations I've had. I'm in the swimming mode now but Owatonna doesn't have a pool yet. They're going to build one next year. I told Stephanie we're going to have to go over to Waseca and swim in their new pool this weekend.

I'm gonna go work on the lawn mower now. Have a good day.

If you're sitting at work and wish you could go swimming right now, just click on the web cam links and maybe that will help.



Louis O'Tool said...

So today at work I saw that the featured article on Wikipedia is Boston, and in this article they talk about how Boston is experiencing some Gentrification, which I obviously know nothing about so I click on the link so I can learn what Gentrification is, because on Wikipedia you can always find links to other articles that help explain the article you're reading and that helps because sometimes people use words I don't understand. So I find out that Gentrification is when you have an older urban neighborhood that has maybe been run down a little and is lower-income, and then all these people start moving in like artists, and musicians, and baristas, and you know baristas are popular at starbucks and they are the people that serve you coffee, but in Italian "Barista" actually just means "Bartender"-I learned that from my neighbor who is starting a church in Ankeny and also works at Starbucks at Target. His church is a brethren type church, which is decendants of the Quakers, but I haven't seen him wearing the Quaker hat yet, so I don't think he's an orthadox Quaker, but one never really knows about them, so I thought I should punch him in the face to see if he retaliates because Quakers don't believe in any violence, but I haven't done that yet because he's a nice guy and his wife has MS.

So all these new hippies, or "hips" as Wikipedia calls them move into these urban neighborhoods and fix them up and they start to look nicer, so then other people start to move in as well, and that drives property values up, and some people think thats good and some people think thats bad, because crime rates can go down there, but other people just say they move to different neighborhoods which increases the crime rate there. So I was wondering how the crime rate is in Waseca or Owatonna, and maybe you need some hips up there to drive out the crimesters, because you don't want them around driving down your property values. And if they're part of the Crips, or the Bloods, or even the Vice Lords, that could be bad for you as well, so check into that.

TJ and Stephanie said...

Thank you for your interest in the crime rate activity in Owatonna and Waseca. I'm not sure about Waseca but I would guess they could use a few "hips". As for Owatonna, there was an article in the local paper about a month ago dealing with the rising gang problem here. Apparently, there was a packed out town meeting talking about the oh-so-serious gang problem. It seems they have noticed some spray paint on a few buildings and there was a pair of shoes tied together and thrown over a power line, which we all know, means that there's a gang. Also, there's been groups of people hanging out at local parks. It seems to be pretty serious. Were going to need some "hips" immediately.

Dana said...

AHHH swimming!!!!!!!!! I to have got that swimming urge. Maybe if you and that Stephanie girl decide to take in the sights and sounds of the Waseca Waterpark you might give us a little ringy and we could join you.

I learned something very important today at work.
You see when we get really busy out here we have to call up Express (the temp service here in town) and they will send us a couple of people to help out.(thats not what I learned I will get to that part) They will either give us a call and let us know the temps names or they will send a fax.
I received a fax yesterday afternoon with the names of those who would be reporting to work at the fabulous FoamCraft Packaging Thursday morning, one of the names was Harold Colon. This struck me a bit funny thinking that surely this man was not called Harold but Harry, HARRY COLON!!!! When I got to work this morning I was interested to see just what a Harry Colon looks like, but I was a bit dissapointed because you see Harry didn't show up. So what I learned this fine day is, it seems you just cant count on a HARRY COLON!!!!

RCW said...

When you get to a certain age... I'm not going to say what that age is.. it doesn't matter if the colon is "Harry" or not... it can't be counted on!!

Louis O'Tool said...

That spray paint on the buildings you mentioned...Is it the small town graffiti, where you just write something in line-letters with a can of spray paint, or was this the big city kind, where they used different colours, thats right, col-OURS, and made pretty designs or writing? Because if it is, you can be certain the gang related activity is encroaching upon your town. And I don't mean the Sugar Creek Gang, know what I'm saying?

TJ and Stephanie said...

In response to "dana", we shall give you ring and we shall go swimming.

In response to "louis o'tool", I believe the spray paint we're looking at here is the doing of the Cryps or the Bloods. I know their work anywhere. I'm scared, and rightly so.

William said...

I have just one observation. Although the name on this blog is "TJ and Stephanie" I see a whole lot more TJ posting than Stephanie. Come to think of it, I don't think I have seen Stephanie post once! What's going on here? is she Being Oppressed? Is TJ's obvious dominant personality keeping stephanie away from this Blog? If this is how it's going to be, why not just call it "TJ and No One Else"

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