Friday, January 18, 2013


Do you know everything in your memory?

Isn't it crazy how we can hear a song years later, and just start singing along as if the last time we heard it was yesterday?

What about little jingles, or ads.  Can you finish any of these, or tell me what product they are for?

It's the real thing.

Good to the last drop.

Just do it.

Eat Fresh.

I'm loving it.

They're magically delicious.

melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

Hungry? Why wait?

How many did you know?  Did you have to think very hard on some or all of them?

Next question....Did you sit down and study all the commercial jingles so you would know those at the drop of a hat?

Hmmm.....interesting how their little words/advice/opinion is pushing it's way into our head without us really dwelling on it or purposing to remember it.

Now the real question that got me thinking about this came up in Sunday School.  How much are you studying the Word of God so that it will roll right off the tip of your tongue when you hear the start of a verse?

I have to admit, I may know many verses of the Bible, but not always word for word, and not always the reference for where they are found.  So this convicted me.  All this time when I am not purposely putting God's Word into my brain or even just something wholesome, someone else, somehow is putting something in there.  Maybe it's the music I'm listening to, or the movie/tv show/commercial I'm seeing at the moment, the people I'm listening to converse, or you name it.

What am I dwelling on?  What does my brain think about in it's dull moments?  What is playing in the background that is subtly piercing it's way into my mind?

The space will fill up with something, better make sure you are putting in the right things!


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