Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DON'T cruise with Royal Caribbean

If you haven't read my long article on the misfortune of our first time cruising experience, you can click here.

I just wanted to explain why I want to unpromote (if that can be a word) Royal Caribbean.

I am well aware that there was a medical emergency while on our cruise.  I believe in the sanctity of life.  I think that all people are created equal, no thing is more important than saving someone's life.

But in the case of bad circumstances, I also believe a company should be willing and even more so, desire to offer customer satisfaction.

When we finally got back home I called and emailed conversing with Royal Caribbean about our trip multiple times.  We paid to cruise with them to Jamaica.  We did not get to go to Jamaica.  They did not offer something in exchange for this misfortune.  In stead we got to sail aimlessly through the sea for the day.   They claimed that they have the right to change the itinerary.  But, would you say that not going to your main destination and offering nothing in it's place a change of itinerary? Seems like a cancelation to me.  Especially when for half a year you are dreaming and planning on going to Jamaica and in stead they say, sorry, we can't make it, but instead we are going to sail through the sea without the chance of getting off the ship for 2 more days!

Each time I talked with them they ended the conversation with, 'We hope you join us again".  I said, do you really hope we do?  You just told me that you are not going to offer any compensation to anyone on the cruise ship for that week, no matter what.  But yet you hope we join you again?  What in your words makes me glad I sailed with you, and above and beyond glad, that I would want to do it again.
Many times in email and over the phone they said there was nothing they were going to offer to me.  Not money back, and not a discount on another cruise with them.  But we hope you come back.

Would you want to go back to someone who says this to you?

I don't get it?  I was not asking for a full refund, I was not angry with them and demanding.  Just simply asking for something to compensate for our misfortune and disappointment.  Even something basic to prove that they care about customer satisfaction.

Instead they proved they don't care about customer satisfaction.  Not as long as they already have your money.  Or that's what it seems to me.

What would you do?
How would you feel?

In a simpler sense...
Would you want to go back to a store who sells you half a product for full price, and when you find out it's not complete they say they aren't going to do anything about it, but please shop with us again?


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