Monday, August 29, 2011

Stained Glass Craft-Rehash

We did this well over a year ago.  This time we added to it.  Check it out!
First find a your old crayons and, with an adults help, make small little shavings of the crayon colors.

This time we cut out a word to put in the window....we cut out the name JESUS.

Use a towel (you don't care about) and place some newspaper on top.  Then put your wax paper on top, add your name/word, and start sprinkling your crayon shavings wherever.

When you are done, put another piece of wax paper over top of your wax paper/crayon decoration.  Then top that wax paper with more newspaper.

Next, with a warm iron, iron over the newspaper to melt the crayon wax and this melts the two sheets of wax paper together.

We then cut off the rough edges to make a square or rectangle shape. And added strips of construction paper (1 inch) to make a frame for our window.  We put the frame on both sides.

Display your art in the window to see it's true beauty!


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