Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer is over.

Well maybe you are checking your calendar and wondering what I am talking about?  You're right, the calendar does still say it's summer.  And we are going to enjoy the warm weather while we can.  But summer is 'over' for us because today was the first day of school in this house.

We have a new curriculum, and a new schedule.  We are going to work out the kinks of the new schedule and make sure it flows well.  Then we will share the wonderful routine with you all.  Ahhhhhh....routine.  The one major thing lacking from the long summer days.

We will be back into the swing of crafts and projects, and worksheets, and ideas, and field trips!  Like the Iowa State Fair....they have so much to learn there, not to mention it being a ton of fun.  That's our first field trip next week! :)  Can't wait to share all the adventures through this new school year with you all.


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alicia stokes said...

that's funny stephanie. routine is one of the things that i tend to dread about the school year. we're starting next week to try and ease into a routine.

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